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The FAST® Power Rankings Presented by COMP Cams® USMTS/USRA Power Rankings
By: Sam Stoecklin
A new season has begun and its once again time to roll out the USMTS/USRA FAST® Power Rankings Presented by COMP Cams. Our first rankings of the year includes driver accomplishments from all of the calendar year previously held events through last weekend's King of America (KOA) at Humboldt Speedway.
Coming out on top for the first time in his young career, it's Minnesota driver Lucas Schott! Armed with an all-new team and great equipment, Schott's start to the 2018 season has been nothing short of spectacular. After starting the year off with a Wild West Shootout victory, the #69 car has been at or near the front in nearly every single event this year. This is not the first time Schott has led the top 20, he ruled the number one ranking for two weeks in October of 2016. 
Schott and Johnny Scott split the first-place votes on the first 2018 installment of the rankings but voters placed Schott just a bit higher overall than they did "J" Scott. It's hard to deny a 10K victory and the consistency we've seen at the top from 'Cool Hand Luke' but that's not to take anything away from Johnny, as his season is off to a very strong start.
"J" Scott has already been to victory lane twice in USMTS action this season in the Southern series and he also scored in Wild West action in January and claimed the overall title. In the late stages of the KOA, he and Ricky Thornton waged a fierce battle inside the top five as he continued his early season strong runs with a third-place finish. Johnny's second-place ranking is his highest on the top 20 since holding the number one position on 3-26-2014. 
The 'Z' Man, Zack VanderBeek has already rung the victory lane bell on the USMTS trek in 2018 and finds himself in the number three ranking to start the season. VanderBeek also kept his amazing finish history at the KOA going with yet another top-five finish in that event. No other driver has been more consistent at the KOA with top-five's than VanderBeek over the years. 
Despite not finding USMTS victory lane so far this season, Louisiana's Cade Dillard sits atop the USMTS point standings so far in 2018. Coupled with his solid top-five runs this year, Dillard is right in the mix and looking to rebound after some struggles last season. Stormy Scott's season up to and through the KOA resembles a roller-coaster ride. Although he's racked up two victories, including a USMTS win in Mississippi, "S" Scott has several DNF's to start the year. However, he has no doubt been one of the fastest cars this year and came away with a solid top-five finish in the KOA finale. 
Voters recognized a total of 38 drivers this week, with the list of drivers missing the top 20 including: Terry Phillips, Bumper Jones, Logan Robertson, Blake Jetvig, Terry Schultz, Dustin Strand, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Josh Angst, Triston Dycus, Austin Siebert, Bryan Rowland, Shane Sabraski, Jim Body, Mitch Keeter, Springfield winner Ryan Gillmore, Toby Hodge, C.A. Nix, and Lance Town.
From the end of last season to the first rankings of 2018, there are nine new drivers to the top 20. Johnny Scott leads the newcomers re-entering at number 2, first-time USMTS winner Kyle Strickler re-enters at number 9, fellow first-time USMTS winner Ethan Dotson makes his debut on the rankings at number 10. Jake O'Neil is new on the rankings at number 11. Veteran Jason Krohn re-enters at number 14 with Darron Fuqua, who scored a Modified win during Battle at the Bullring action re-entering at number 14. TOMS winner Colby Smith re-entering at number 16 while Tanner Mullens and Joe Duvall complete the new drivers re-entering at numbers 19 and 20 respectively. 
Falling out of the top 20 since our final rankings of 2017 are Jason Cummins, C.A. Nix, Ryan Middaugh, Mitch Keeter, Bumper Jones, Triston Dycus, Jackie Dalton, Trevor Latham, and Josh Angst.
With limited events scheduled throughout our coverage wheelhouse, the rankings will now take a few weeks off and will resume after the next scheduled round of USMTS events after the April 13th and 14th at Canyon Speedway Park. In the meantime, don't forget to check out our expanded library of on-demand video and news coverage and stories from events this year leading up to and through the KOA.
Each week,'s racing insiders rank drivers based on United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS), United States Racing Association (USRA), and similar car-type results to compile their lists. Voter opinions do not reflect the thoughts as a whole of Send voting inquiries to staff member Sam Stoecklin at
RankPriorDriver Name
120Lucas Schott
King Luke didn't just win on Saturday night...he flat out dominated! He lead every lap of the race and that is something that no other winner has ever done. Coupled with the King win and one in Arizona, this new team has been fast out of the door.
2ReJohnny Scott
Amazing start for Johnny- Wild West Shoot Out Champion, three early season feature wins and a podium at the King last weekend. Consistent all season long.
33Zack VanderBeek
USMTS win at Jackson plus typical coming from back in the pack into the top 10 KOA
45Cade Dillard
Although not in victory lane, numerous seconds and top-5s Sits at the top of the USMTS Points.
54Stormy Scott
Two wins so far this year including USMTS bout at Whynot, but he is surrounded with a bunch of DNF's., but still one of the fastest cars night in and night out.
67Rodney Sanders
Near wins at Kennedale and Corpus - top 5 at the King. Rodney has led a lot of laps this year. It's just a matter of time before he starts winning.
710Dereck Ramirez
Second in USMTS points Good start to his season Three Top 10s
812Ricky Thornton, Jr.
Passed a lot of cars last weekend at Humboldt. The only driver to give Schott a slight run for his money. Started the year off with a Wild-West Shootout win.
9ReKyle Strickler
Picks up first-ever USMTS win of his career at Humboldt in Thursday opener.
10NewEthan Dotson
Early season win at Kennedale Leading USMTS Rookie of the Year points
11NewJake O'Neil
Pole sitter for the King - if not for mechanical issues, he would have had a better finish. Some strong Top-10s this season.
12ReJason Krohn
Third USMTS points - third and sixteenth at KOA
1311R.C. Whitwell
Looked good at the King with a fifth and seventh in the a-mains.
14ReDarron Fuqua
Winner at Humboldt during Battle weekend- very fast start to 2018 with new team despite technical inspection setback prior to the King.
151Ryan Gustin
Not a typical "Gustin" start to the season We'll see where how it goes from here
16ReColby Smith
TOMS winner at Ardmore
1715Jake Timm
Made the a-main on Thursday with a 15th-place run.
182Jason Hughes
The defending USMTS champion is off to a rough start this season.
19ReTanner Mullens
Winner at Humboldt during Battle weekend Modified action. Night 1 Dome winner!
20ReJoe Duvall
Pair of top five finishes to start the season at Corpus
Each week, RacinDirt insiders rank their top 20 drivers based on United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS), United States Racing Association (USRA) results, and USRA-type modified results and competition. The opinions of our voters, are just that, opinions, and do not reflect the thoughts as a whole of or its staff. Would you like to be an USMTS/USRA Power Rankings voter? Email for more information.
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