Saturday, October 23, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where did the live video go?
A: We have switched our LIVE and Video On Demand platform. Visit https://www.racindirt.tv/ to get signed up. 
Q: My login doesn't work on the new website.
A: New platform, new login. Register a new username and password.
Q: Why can't I subscribe to the Video On Demand on the website?
A: We are no longer allowing new subscriptions to the old platform. We will continue publishing video to the old platform through the 2019 race season for those that still have a Premium Subscription. Also note the new platform does not have the capability to sell On Demand subscriptions. It may in the future but is a low priority on the developers road map.  Visit https://www.racindirt.tv/ to get signed up.  
Q: On the new website you are selling a Pit Pass. What does that include?
A: We are working towards never having a Pay-Per-View event again. The Pit Pass subscription allows access to the complete Video on Demand archive and all future LIVE events that we can get an agreement for. Visit https://www.racindirt.tv/ to get signed up.
Q: Why does the website says I am logged in twice?
A: It's possible you closed your browser while logged in and because of your browswer settings you remained logged in. Also you can't share your login with another device or individual. You must email racindirt@racindirt.com and have us manually log you out. If you share your username and password on the new platform you will be locked out of all accounts. It's quite an ordeal to get it unblocked. So don't share your info.
Q: I am being billed for two different subscriptions. 
A: Please email racindirt@racindirt.com to get the appropiate account canceled. 
Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: If you are on the new RacinDirt.tv platform follow the instructions on this link to cancel or pause. https://www.racindirt.tv/help/articles/how-do-i-cancel-my-subscription. If you have one of the old Premium Subscripitons please Click here to unsubscribe. Or simply log into your PayPal account and manage your automatic payments. If you used Express Checkout with a credit or debit card please send an email to racindirt@racindirt.com and we can cancel it for you. 
Q: My subscription billed and I don't want it. Can I get a refund?
A: You can manage your subscription in your account by pausing or canceling if you choose too. We do not give refunds on automatically billed subscriptions under any circumstance. 
Q: Can I share this password with someone else?
A: The password is sent for use on one device at a time, multiple logins will void all logins for a period of at least one hour. 
Q: The event was rained out after I made the purchase, what now?
A: Pit Pass subscribers will not be refunded but will be granted access to the event if it falls within their active billing period. If you have elected to cancel and the event is made up outside of your billing period you will have to subscribe again. We are no longer selling nightly event passes so there will be no refund due to weather. 
Q: I'm having trouble and need some help?
A: Please do not message us on our Facebook page or Tweet us regarding an issue with live video. Phone calls or emails to either Austin or Trenton will not be answered, nor returned for troubleshooting issues. Please email us at racindirt@racindirt.com.
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