Wednesday, August 16, 2017
The FAST® Power Rankings Presented by COMP Cams® USMTS/USRA Power Rankings
By: Sam Stoecklin
Besides the fact that Zack VanderBeek once again edges out Ryan Gustin for the number one spot on this week's edition of the USMTS/USRA FAST® Power Rankings Presented by COMP Cams, the other main story is how close the entire top 20 was this week and how hard it is to break into the rankings with so many drivers running at the top of their game.
VanderBeek's struggles continued a bit last weekend but he did return to the top five and top ten in various USMTS Hunt action but voters once again kept him at number one overall for a ninth straight week.
Meanwhile, Ryan Gustin would likely have taken over the number one ranking had he been able to compete in the entire run of USMTS events. Even still, Gustin's back-to-back victories at Mason City places him well within the reach of the number one spot for a ninth-consecutive week. VanderBeek earned three number one rankings to Gustin's two, and Stormy Scott's one. 
Cade Dillard worked hard to turn a recent streak of misfortune around and had a mixed bag of results. This week Dillard remains third on the rankings. At number four is Stormy Scott, who captured his fifth victory of the year and also scored a runner-up finish over the most recent Hunt stretch. 
Rocketing back up the rankings to the number five ranking, Jason Hughes is quickly getting back to the top of his game after coming off a strong weekend of action in which he finished third twice, and second twice and moved into second in the overall Hunt standings. It's only a matter of time before he's contending for the number one ranking.
Jason Cummins once again won both of the USRA races he entered over the weekend and now has 20 wins in sight. Even still, with the top five as crowded as it is, Cummins slips to the number six ranking this week. R.C. Whitwell also had a phenomenal weekend racking up Hunt Race Top-five and Top-ten runs; however, he also slips backwards in the crowded top ten to the number seven spot. 
Mitch Keeter racked up another win over the weekend at Salina Highbanks and returns to the top ten this week at number eight. Meanwhile, Rodney Sanders only hit one USMTS event over the weekend and slips to number nine. Jake Timm posted solid USMTS finishes and added another Hunt top-five finish and this week rises from number 13 to number 10 on the rankings. 
Elsewhere on the top 20, Dereck Ramirez continues his rebound up the rankings and vaults from number 16 to number 11 after some top-tier performances on the Hunt trail. Josh Angst was a weekend winner at Mississippi Thunder Speedway and reappears on the rankings this week at number 14. Ricky Thornton, Jr. also reappears on the rankings this week after returning to the USMTS top ten over the weekend, he is ranked number 17 this week. Jake Gallardo is the additional new arrival this week as he reappears on the rankings for the first time in several weeks after posting a win at Southern New Mexico Speedway.
Falling out of the top 20 this week were Chris Brown, Nic Bidinger, and Dustin Sorensen. A total of 32 drivers earned votes this week, up one from last week. Drivers not making the top 20 but earning votes included: Lakeside Speedway winner Nic Bidinger, USMTS Hunt Race winners Joey Jensen and Shane Sabraski, Johnny Bone, Jr., Triston Dycus, Travis Saurer, Chris Brown , Logan Robertson , Joe Duvall, CA Nix, Shane DeVilbiss, and Cory Crapser.
This week's Hunt race action includes the following stops:
Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | Boone River Bayou | Hamilton County Speedway | Webster City, IA
Thursday, August 17, 2017 | Scotland County Speedway | Memphis, MO
Friday, August 18, 2017 | Lakeside Speedway | Kansas City, KS
Saturday, August 19, 2017 | Salina Highbanks Speedway | Pryor Creek, OK
Sunday, August 20, 2017 | 81 Speedway | Park City, KS
RacinDirt is staged once again to bring you live video coverage of the USMTS Hunt action from various stops across the next several days. Be sure to check on the main page at for complete ordering information. Keep your browser pointed right here to as we continue to cover all of the Hunt action. 
We have loads of on-demand video including recent USMTS Hunt racing and MLRA from Nebraska. Don't forget, we'll be back next Wednesday with an all-new edition of the Power Rankings, see if VanderBeek finds his groove once again to hang on to number one or, will we see a new driver sitting on the top of the perch?
Each week,'s hand-selected racing insiders rank drivers based on United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS), United States Racing Association (USRA), and similar car-type results. Voter opinions do not reflect the thoughts as a whole of Voting inquiries may be addressed to staff member Sam Stoecklin at
RankPriorDriver Name
11Zack VanderBeek
After early Hunt struggles, returns to top ten with 7th-place outing in South Dakota but then struggles again at Amsoil the night race. Returns to the top five on Saturday at Ogilvie. Finishes the weekend at Mason City with an 11th and 8th-place finish.
22Ryan Gustin
One voter said, "Infection or not, Gustin is still number one right now in my book." The Reaper rolls to back-to-back victories at Mason City's Hunt race and make-up events on Sunday.
34Cade Dillard
Falls from 3rd to 16th at Brown County Speedway, not a good start to the second week of the Hunt and then bad luck continues as he rolls to a 17th place finish at Amsoil on Friday. Finally gets things rolling on Saturday with 7th place run at Ogilvie. Sixth and third to end the week at Mason City.
45Stormy Scott
Brown County Speedway USMTS Hunt winner but then a step backwards the next night at Superior where he finishes 18th. Returns to form with podium finish at Ogilvie. Mason City runner-up on Sunday.
510Jason Hughes
On the podium in South Dakota USMTS hunt action but then, like VanderBeek, Dillard, and S. Scott, fails to crack the top 15 at Superior the next night. Nice rebound at Ogilvie where he rolls from 7th to a runner-up finish behind Sabraski's upset victory. Third and second at Sunday Mason City events to close the weekend strong, led laps during the makeup event. Now up to second in the Hunt race!
63Jason Cummins
Once again goes back-to-back with 15th and 16th wins of the year at Chateau and Deer Creek over the weekend.
76R.C. Whitwell
Top ten run to start of the week's Hunt racing in South Dakota. Returns to top three at Amsoil Speedway. Another top five at Ogilvie on Saturday after leading first half of the race. Closes out Hunt week with 5th-place run at Mason City.
812Mitch Keeter
Takes the win at Salina Highbanks on Saturday in lone event of the weekend.
97Rodney Sanders
Returns to hunt action on Sunday but is outside of the top 15.
1013Jake Timm
Grazes the top ten in USMTS South Dakota Hunt action then top five at Amsoil the next night. Ninth at Ogilvie on Saturday. Tenth and 11th at Mason City to finish the weekend.
1116Dereck Ramirez
Solid 5th at Aberdeen Hunt race but outside the top 20 the next night at Superior. Just misses top-ten at Ogilvie on Saturday; ends the week with an eighth-place run at Mason City on Sunday.
129Bumper Jones
Makes the podium behind Gallardo one-two finish at Southern New Mexico Speedway.
Tie14Ryan Middaugh
Runner-up finish at Lake Ozark to Reed on Saturday, still second in USRA points.
14NewJosh Angst
Gives the Hunt a try on Sunday at Mason City with finishes of 19th and 7th in USMTS action. Runner-up to Cummins at the 'Creek on Saturday. Gets the win at Mississippi Thunder Speedway on Friday night.
158Tyler Wolff
Does not start the Hunt race at South Dakota's Brown County Speedway. Returns to action on Saturday with 12th-place outing at Ogilvie. Ends the week on a frustrating note with 20th-place finish at Mason City.
1611Lucas Schott
Stayed away from Hunt action and finishes fourth in lone outing of the weekend.
17NewRicky Thornton, Jr.
Returns to USMTS top five at Brown County Speedway Hunt stop then ninth the next night at Amsoil Speedway in Superior, Wisconsin. Another top 10 run on Saturday at Ogilvie. Out of the top 10 at Mason City to finish the week.
1819Johnny Scott
Still silent, when will he return.
19NewJake Gallardo
Southern New Mexico Win.
2018Jackie Dalton
Manages a runner-up finish in familiar Springfield territory.
Each week, RacinDirt insiders rank their top 20 drivers based on United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS), United States Racing Association (USRA) results, and USRA-type modified results and competition. The opinions of our voters, are just that, opinions, and do not reflect the thoughts as a whole of or its staff. Would you like to be an USMTS/USRA Power Rankings voter? Email for more information.
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